Thursday, May 31, 2007

The D ingredients for One D

Great One D panel this morning . Started me thinking about the leadership competencies needed to drive success.

What are the other Ds needed for The "D"

5 minute mtgs

The "grandest" experiment during the breaks on the porch of the Grand Hotel are the living examples of the power of five minute meetings/huddles. I end up in so many five minute meetings where important connections and "decisions" are made that would have taken a month of phone tag and/or meeting scheduling. Perhaps all organizations should have a porch with morning and afternoon huddles. Think of all the meetings that might not need to be!!

Life on the porch

The opening evening of the conference was powerful. Edsel Ford led a great kickoff of the One D concepts designed to create true alignment and prioritization for the region. I love the concept and feel very hopeful about the possibilities. If this is going to really get legs, this regions political leadership will have to recognize and work very hard to change the habits and practices that have permeated the region for years.

Can we really shed the belief that in order for my city or county within the region to win, another city or county within the region has to lose?

Can we recognize that we spend way to much energy competing against each other within the region instead of aligning our energy on competing as a whole against other regions in the country/world?

Are we willing to create a new set of groundrules regarding competition and collaboration?

From the buzz up here on the porch, I am sensing a deeper level of readiness. Changing the culture (i.e. the way we look at the world) will make One D a success!